GoE Video MX Pro

GoE Video MX Pro is the ideal choice for recording/mixing a few channels at a time, adding special effects, broadcasting video.

It can capture video from cameras and TV card, various video files(WMV, RMVB, FLV, MP3, Mpeg4, Mpeg2, AVI, .etc).
At the same time, you can broadcast the video in LAN, stream the video to Windows Media Server.
What's more, it helps you to feature the video by adding Title Caption, adding watermark, overlaying video, and playing pictures as video, even drawing on the video in real-time, which lets the audience feel like they and you are face to face.

Note: GoE Video MX Pro can be only used on Windows. For Win10, insert the headphones first, and then run in administrator mode.

Key Features:


Capture video from various hardware devices such as 1394 camcorder, USB camera, PCI/USB Video Capture Card and so on.
Support almost all file formats including FLV, WMV,Real Media,Mpeg4,Mpeg2,AVI and so on.
Support five video input channels, then you can smoothly switch the program to output.


Record the video as WMV, FLV, MPG, AVI file.
Broadcast the video in LAN, use Windows Media Player to watch.
Push mms stream to the Windows Media Server.


Support special effects static or animate subtitles.
It allows you to set the font size, font color, shadow color, frame color, alpha channel, and the font effects, such as Bold, Itatic, Underline, Strikeout.
It also allows you to drag the caption to set the position in the preview page.

Play picture:

Play pictures as video. It supports the following picture formats: BMP, JPG, PNG.

Overlay video:

Overlay video or audio to the current output channel video. It allows you to overlay the video in 1/9, 1/4, or full screen.

Manual Drawing:

Draw on the video. It provides Line, Curve, Rectangle, Polygon, Circle, Ellipse shape, and it allows you to set pen width, pen color.


Add picture to the video.
It allows you to add picture to one of the four corners. With the preview function, you can drag the picture to set its position.
It supports .bmp, .jpg, .png pictures.