SXEarth is a free 3D earth software, based on osgEarth. It allows you to edit the geometry data visually, quickly, and simplify the Simulation and visualization of the industry.
Note: SXEarth can be used for Windows, Linux, Android, MAC OS, IOS.

Key Features:

Support bran-new volume atmosphere.

Support graphics library plotting.

Support situation plotting.

Interactive 2D&3D GIS Architecture.

Path animation editing.

Support GIS industry standard format image, elevation, vector data directly read and 3D visualization display.

Editable of display style of image, elevation, vector data.

Support mouse click to add external 3D module, and set its position posture.

Support distance, area, angle measurement.

Support point mark, line mark, surface marker adding and attribute editing.

Point-line mark can be export to ESRI ShapeFile file.

Support standard online map service, such as TMSWMSARCGISXYZ.

Local GIS standard format image elevation data can be output to the Pyramid Library.

Standard online map service data can be packed to local Pyramid Library.